Where do I begin?
How do I begin?
There is only so much
to tell this crowd.

I wish the truth was easy
to say, to admit, to proclaim
that underneath the smiles
I put on everyday,
there’s a monster that fights
to get out and unleash
the frustrations that had built up
inside the walls I made.

Some days,
I like you.
Some days,
I don’t like you. 
Most days,
I don’t know what to say.

When the monster is up,
trying to poison the good parts of me
I would almost allow it,
putting myself in danger
of becoming the monster itself.

That is truth
I’ve hidden beneath 
the words I say.
It’s quite sad to think that
after all these times,
people believed
most of the lies.

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May 01, 2013


Inability to function normally

April 14, 2013 / 1 ♥

Warning: This might contain spoilers for the TV Series (specifically Doctor Who) and this does not contain images from my recent vacation

My summer vacation in Cebu has taken its turn for the worst—no, not really!—and now, I’m in a really bad condition. I hope this helps.

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April 08, 2013 / 1 ♥

You should know that
there are people
out there
who’s got it
worse than you.

You should also know that
there are people
just around you
who’s willing to help
and to listen
to what you have got to say,
and contradict
all the bad things
you say about yourself.

Those people
care about you
the most. 

I am one
of those people.

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Summer Love is The Worst Kind of Love

April 08, 2013 / 1 ♥

What’s a Tl;dr blog without a Tl;dr post?

I haven’t posted anything about my thoughts in a while so here I go. I’m supposed to be posting about Fall Out Boy’s glory and their glorious comeback album, but let’s just try to arrange things according to the strength of feels being felt by me right now. 

In the beginning of my summer vacation, I sort of saw this coming but chose to ignore it because I thought it wouldn’t turn out this bad. But then as the days slowly transcend, I realize how much the feels got worse. I try to shake it off but no.I thought it’d be over in a few days, but so far I’m just obsessing over the littlest things about this matter. 

(go ahead, read more)

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April 05, 2013 / 50 ♥
Wooo how do I color it!!!!

Wooo how do I color it!!!!

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To say that I’m upset would be an understatement, because I am literally devastated right now. Everything was well last night in this household, until suddenly my parent/Aunts decided to send my precious little baby away to our neighbor’s. And why did they do that? Because the neighbor’s husky was feeling alone and sad. 

And I wasn’t? 


I just…I can’t.


We are the best of friends :-(


He gave the toughest (a bit painful) remembrance ever. 



March 27, 2013

Oh wait, Anon you can calm your grammar-nazi tits now because I already changed it. Alright, bye.

Question from Anonymous

March 27, 2013

"whom are way old for me"? whom? seriously?

Let me just change it, because it obviously bothers you so much that you decide to send me such a cocky message. Thank you, Anon.

March 23, 2013 / 1 ♥
Hello. I guess its about time I change my About Me and sidebar photo! This is Milo everybody and for a time span of 3 to 4 weeks, he has instantly become my best friend.

Hello. I guess its about time I change my About Me and sidebar photo! This is Milo everybody and for a time span of 3 to 4 weeks, he has instantly become my best friend.

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